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0010 - BLUEBERRY's APACHES by Jean-Michel Charlier & Jean Giraud


மிஸ்டர் ப்ளுபெர்ரி கதை வரிசையின் 6-வது கதை (என்றும் சொல்லலாம்).  DUST ற்குப் பின் சார்லியர் மற்றும் ஜிராடினால் 2007- ல் படைக்கப் பட்டது (மீண்டும் எழுதப்பட்டது).

மேல்விவரங்களுக்கு கீழே வழங்கப்பட்டுள்ள விக்கிபீடியா கட்டுரையைப் பார்த்துக் கொள்ளுங்கள் (இடையே SAMPLE பக்கங்கள் இணைத்துள்ளேன்) நண்பர்களே:

Apache is a special edition that is heavily inspired albums of the series albumMister Blueberry . It is Jean-Michel Charlier (scenario), Jean Giraud (drawing),Breton Florence (colors), Scarlett Smulkowski (colors), Claire Champeval (colors) and Jean Giraud (colors). It was published first in 2007 .

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"  Apache is a rewrite, made ​​from [...] albums Mister Blueberry ,Tombstone Shadow , Apache Geronimo , OK Corral and Dust , the first meeting of Blueberry with Geronimo . It includes many pages, images and completely new texts 2 . "
Since the end of the Civil War , Mike S. Blueberry drown his pain in alcohol. In November 1865, drunk, it is placed on the roof of a diligence that goes to very Mescalero, where he is assigned 1 . He travels with Caroline Younger and his father, Reverend Younger who hates Blueberry: "How the U.S. Cavalry Can accommodate such individuals within it? " 3 In the evening, diligence and soldiers accompanying stop "under the overhang of the Red Dog mesa  " , happy to settle there although Apaches watching from the heights 4 .
The next day, travelers back on the road but quickly pursued by Apache running them to "  Sepulveda Canyon  " , where they discover that the canyon is blocked by branches 5 . In attempting to remove the branches, Blueberry is stunned and "left for dead" . Later, he found the other travelers captured, the Reverend "attached between [...] two poles" in order to subject them to torture. Blueberry, after being mounted on a promontory drops on an Indian on horseback, the warlord Geronimo . After a long struggle, the latter takes over, seen from the top of cliffs other by a group of soldiers led by Captain Noonan. Despite the fighting, Geronimo does not want the death of Blueberry 6 .

When the chief Indian mimbres ordered the death of Blueberry, soldiers began to shoot the Indian, causing them to leak. Geronimo is captured by an Indian working for the army. After the battle, in order Noonan wounded Indians were killed by an officer, Potter, what infuriates Blueberry 7 . Marching toward Box Mescalero, Blueberry understands that "Noonan is not a puppet  " . Once there, the Reverend and his daughter Caroline go to the orphanage overlooking the fort 8 .
In a bar, after drinking a lot of alcohol, Blueberry comes knocking Potter, "a loose [...] just good to shoot a wounded helpless! " After striking Captain Noonan came to the scene to calm opponents, Blueberry is enclosed with the captured Indians 9 . Geronimo tells him that he must "restore ... HARMONY OF THE WORLD! " Income and baked out of his dungeon, Blueberry washes and shaves, then Captain Noonan tells him where he will sleep, inviting him to join his table that evening. After lunch, Blueberry learns the purpose of the orphanage: "collect a number of wildlife orphans and [...] give them the best Christian education possible! " Blueberry replied: "This is criminal! " He explained that the children will be educated and rejected by both the Indian and white. Captain Blueberry Noonan punished by assigning it to the drudgery of wood 10 .

As they advance in a wood, the commander of a column of soldiers, which includes Blueberry, sees a farm on fire and decided to launch his men to attack the Indians who revolve around the building. The soldiers fall into a trap, but Blueberry manages to escape without too many men are wounded. After the soldiers are treated, they return to the fort by a track that leads to "  Huachuca Pass  " , where they discover "the old, women and children" Apaches killed by bullets "Springfield, regulatory model" of Army 11 .
The next day, Blueberry, at the invitation of Caroline Younger, went to the orphanage, where he sees a teacher beat a boy. It intervenes to prevent the teacher to continue to hit. Back among the men of the fort, he learns that there is "a rumor say it could be the son of Geronimo! " In the evening, Blueberry opens the cell door of the Indians, but they refuse to flee: Geronimo wants to know where his son.Blueberry eventually led to the orphanage 12 .

Geronimo, after climbing the wall of the orphanage, find his son, but moments later the Reverend threatens his gun. One of the boys jumped on the gun, but the Reverend takes over. Despite the pleas of his daughter, he does not want to release the boy. When the boy is released, Geronimo is ready to kill the Reverend of a knife, but Blueberry burst, "I want to put me on your side ... But loose this knife!" Later in the outside near the orphanage, while Geronimo and his son away from the orphanage, Reverend points his gun in the back of Geronimo. His daughter Caroline prevents adjust the Indian and receives a ball, it will be fatal 13 .

"Three months later" , Blueberry leaves for Fort Navajo. Captain Noonan is under arrest for "The story of the massacre of Huachuca Pass is mounted to Washington! " 14

Main Characters edit edit the code ]
  • Blueberry: cavalry lieutenant who wants to forget the horrors of the Civil War and sees assigned high Mescalero, in a region where the Apaches are in open conflict with the white men 15 .
  • Reverend Younger: Reverend leading a project "Reintegration civilizing" children apache 16 .
  • Caroline Younger: daughter of the Reverend who feels empathy for the Apaches 17 and is drawn by Blueberry 18 .
  • Geronimo  : Apache War Chief 19 .
  • Captain Noonan: Mescalero commander of the fort, it is cruel to the Apache 20 .
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